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Intihuatana: In one of the esplanades of the Templo of the three Windows in Machu Picchu, he finds the Intihuatana, one of the Inca culture's bigger mysteries. Daily, hundreds of tourists seat (subj) energy that it stems from this of stone monument - fellowman to a miniature obelisk - that seems to concentrate the more famous Inca citadel's all tellurian force.

Perhaps they were tying it up because I was his father and his God and they were not wanting him to go away; Or, perhaps, only they were intending to lengthen day and to stretch the light hours, to work plus hours in the country guttering the fertile valleys or growing her fruits mamapacha.
Intihuatana or tying up in the sunlight, they tell the Andean men from Abancay ( the land of the God than speech ) to the Huascarán's summits ( the snow-covered higher of the Perú ) to the telling this old legend happened in times prehispánicos, when the Andean world was dominated for the Inca.

In those times, the Sol was the incario's principal deity.
Was assuming it the growth of the cultivations and era the father of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, the empire's founding fathers, for that reason they raised numerous temples and sanctuaries stop to adore it.
Still today, the Intihuatana's legend reminds in lands cordilleranas itself. Tell it groups of ten, hundred, perhaps all the races's thousands of men and indigenous nations, that they describe strange monoliths that were serving of stakes in order to the star.

There are no without appeal answers. The one and only certainty he is than energy flows freely in the Intihuatana, wrapping up all of the visitors, who, for simple curiosity or in search of spiritual renewal, the 78 steps of stair go up of stone tilled that they lead to the stake, where the Sol's Children were intending to tie to his father and to his God. Thus, never would stop shining in his lavish empire.


One of these stakes Is believed that, she is localized in the esplanade of the Templo of Machu Picchu's three Windows, the colossal Inca citadel once was protected for the Inti or Sol, the Almighty God than - year that the North American Hiram Bingham arrived in - he contrived to 1911 to avoid the stepped on intruders of Occident's men.

Intihuatana is this peculiar obelisk's name. ¿is he only a coincidence?, ¿An innocent homonymy? or¿One of the places where the Incas were intending to tie up in the sunlight, does have to do with just as the men consider it of the walk (subj), to the telling old legend?
Beyond the speculations, the certain he is than the monolith it brings about the admiration of the tourists that travel the archeological complex more once was visited of the Perú. They lay down his hands or they lean his front in the subversive element sculpture, feeling a strange energy, one inexplicable he forces that it emerges out of every one of his four edges.

Where it irradiates the inexplicable: The Intihuatana is close-fitting in a granite mass. He has prism form and his four vértices indicate cardinal points. The obelisk occupies a total 8- meters area with 60 centimeters and it is localized in a child once was leveled, to the side of the temple of the three Windows, a Inca Machu Picchu's citadel observatory.

A questions accumulation they surround to the stranger sculpture. His origin and his purpose still cutleries for story's mysterious veil, although some researchers maintain that he was a portable retable are where himself he was tying up in the sunlight, in order that never stop to shine, because, if his light was becoming extinguished, life would end up in heights itself. Serialize his children's ending.

Also there are who rumor has it that the Intihuatana was a sundial. The time and the year's seasons was calculating itself according to the cast shadows for the sun, to the resting on the granite sculpture his rays.

Other ones see in him the beings's sign spatial, the extraterrestrial footprint than, once in a while, they deign to tour the land. In short, unknown quantities that add a mystery halo themselves.



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