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Waynapicchu: It means Young Mountain.

He is that sharp-pointed hill that sees itself at the bottom of the majority of machu picchu's photoes. The guardian Comes from the citadel, his protector. The higher mountain Does not come from the region, but without any doubt he is the more imposing. From below Ruinas laughed, in the bridge season, from him, he sees himself as a gigantic of stone wall impossible from being climbed. The side West however is less abrupt but equally difficult. ¿ And that he has of special the Wayna Picchu? Good, because, incredible as it may seem, he is a hill once was domesticated, Andean mankind constructs there some fabulous roads, that they defy all vertigo, and they demonstrate a great ability constructor.

Routes that arrive to the top, where ( aside from some few important constructions and join splendid andenería that sees himself better from the city ) one has a sight once was privileged of the valley.


The Wayna picchu, in fact, he is an only observatory. The Rió Vilcanota or Urubamba cambia his course in the mountain's base, surrounding it and turning it into a fluvial- peninsula sort in between the Cañón.

For 1 or point from there watching all the Valle is possible, East, North and West  Machu Picchu this one South. Some create (subj) that the sentries that were there were getting in touch with the one that were in the higher part urban, in the Intihuatana, and these in turn with the watchmen that one were finding with in the Inti Punku or at the top of the hill Machupicchu, intervening whole a distinguishing marks language that he was permitting preventing any possible invasion. There is you want to they maintain that they were those codes easily transmissible it would be able to reach Ollantaytambo ( or why no, to the Cusco ) in a matter of minutes of mountain to mountain and than a message from Huayna pichu.

Machu Picchu once was seen from the Wayna Picchu, they can observe me than the City he is shaped like a condor.




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