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Intipuncu: It means the Sol's door and he finds his place to a kilometer South - this urban Inca. He corresponds to the citadel that was protecting the city, and he joins up to her for an inti ñan or I walk Real. Be interested in the altars presence or liturgical rests, as carried, constructed at intervals or intervals, to them than Bigham named ritual seasons.

Intipuncu is an important archeological stance, with environments and floating road surfaces, once was conformed for the chinas that they emerge for as ailerons of the mountain's flank.

Machu Picchu, not only that name comes from a Inca city. He is, first of all, a mountain's name that m.s.n.m of height and in whose north slope arrives to the 2795 stands out an enormous rocky promontory envelope the than the antique Peruvian they constructed the famous city.

For the mountain's cove, midway among the summit and the city, he passes the famous Inca road coming from the distant Ollantaytambo and than it reaches Machu Picchu, right after crossing many Inca towns in ruins. the Sol's door raises a few, simple and ruinous at present constructions known as Inti Punku itself In that leaf, why in the year's determined epoches, the sun, once was seen from Machu Picchu's more important buildings, put salt in just for that point.



Reaching the Inti Punku was meaning arriving at the end of the road. From there all is to the city easy once was reduced. Y is easy no so by the way as such but because all of the travellers that step down hereinafter hipnotizados are in favor of the great city's vision that gets up further on, and walk approximately unknowingly.

The landscape is imposing . At close hand straight Putukusi has the funny hill himself, under of the he finds the great Vilcanota ( or Urubamba ) that roars echoing in the forested regions while he enters to Urubamba's Cañón laughed.

At last, to the front, a beautiful sharp-pointed mountain with vertical walls apparently invincible, the Huayna Picchu. And opposite of the the great city. At close hand straight the great hill San Miguel and his annexed mountains. Also he sees himself from here the hill's peak Machu Picchu, that is the mountain where he finds Intipunku and the same citadel.

Inti Punku's constructions made smaller so vast elk panorama, they are simple. There a house's remains are than without a doubt he served as control ( something like a customs or a watchtower of military control or a little tambo ) in order to all of the travellers that they have as last stop Machu Picchu's city. There is also beautiful andenerías and of the Andes excellent grades seen of the Oriental mountain range's eternal snows.



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