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The Incan agricultural terraces at Moray


Moray's Terraces: Moray is a formidable archeological complex, once was conformed for andenerías's admirable systems, of enormous terraces that overlap concentrically, taking a gigantic amphitheater's form. These beautiful terraces conformed a great agricultural laboratory, in the they experimented than the antique Peruvian and they obtained improvements. They got for themselves incredible advances in the agriculture, her as he constituted his principal labor activity and his economic development's base.

Moray's enormous circular terraces locate 53 Km . of the Cusco for the road that drives to the Urubamba's valley themselves.
Moray's Complex Arqueológico: His Inca constructions's brilliant and dared conception did not have limits in order to the antique Peruvian. Lengthwise and I widen worldly, the men generally made constructions starting from the ground up. They worked downwards In Moray, withdrawing extraordinary rock quantities and stones, and using thousands of workpeople during several generations to give form to several platforms groups, in circular form approximately perfect.
He is possible than the word Moray have than seeing with the term amoray that one was naming with to the corn harvest; Or with moraya or moray, than era potato's name dehydrated.
The journalist and woman writer, Alfonsina Barrionuevo, define to the following manner's this monument: " Moray's hanging gardens constructed in a gigantic hole earthen find To some Maras's 7 km.. They lower A circular- platforms series to a 150- meters depth. There the Incas raised corn, quinoa, panti, kantu's flowers and another plants in the process of experiment in order to recreation of his Messrs.. A canals system where today the rain deposits he was securing the irrigable of the great amphitheater's hanging terraces. Moray was without a doubt an artificial well-covered paradise of plants and flowers, something like a greenhouse in the land's same inside".
The piece of land's natural depressions, which should have made good use of wall fronts they molded according to a masterful architectonic plan. The construction of all an aqueducts net was included In this plan and drain (subj), in order to the irrigation and the escape of water them down the fluvial rainfalls's product. His perfection attended such than it works impeccably to today.
A Great Laboratorio Agricola in the Andes, Microclimas's creation.
The experts correspond whereon Moray was a structures complex in order to agricultural use. At present potatoes, broad beans, wheat, barley cultivate mareña themselves in the plain and the corn, because the cold is not for propitious this cultivation is grown in very small proportion.
Even he does some years the zone's peasants still they were raising corn in Moray's lands, but next it was prohibited with preservation ends of the monument.
The historian cusqueño Víctor Angles present than sometime the inhabitants upland and them they became enemies of the narrow pass, stopping talking the products interchange.
He is there where rise to make suitable need land maizalera in the height and es decided digging these giant funnels stop getting to cover in something the earthly prop the corn's cultivation.
John Earls, intellectual North American the Andean- past scholar, he measured the temperature of these terraces in the bigger set's several levels. result found several microclimates's existence, it was found that the inferior level registered higher temperature, continuous for the natural pampa out of her andenería and finally, the last stands registered bottom temperature.
It is possible than the place's antique residents, for some reason, they should have required of principal corn quantity and perhaps it had been the cause in order that they forge this lavish archeological complex.


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