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Temple of Sun Machu Picchu

Temple of the Sun:

- The House of the Ñusta.
- The Large Fortified Tower.
- The Mausoleum.

The House of the Ñusta:
Draw together Ñusata I was a Inca princess. Although there is no reason to suppose that he draw together (subj) ñusta he enjoyed here tradition he has baptized to this one interesting that one construction menera. Architectonics Has to do with a two story, high-quality building itself and narrowly related to the semicircular or sun's temple. The first plant contains a great door and abundant trapezoidal niches. The space is little ( some 5 X 3 meters ) but it shines solid, indestructible.

He plants ( it has happened to me that whose floor has not been preserved ) To the second best for what of stone no as some should have been wooden and they suppose ) it takes place alone from the Sol's Templo I have a meal if of an annexed chapel try to him, he was definitively related to the misnamed Torreón's activities it has the first floor's same architectonic quality.
The construction's roof was saddle-backed.

The Mausoleum:

A natural grotto than this one below the Templo Belongs to the Sol, and that it was completely lined for the Incas with walls of stone once was tilled.


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