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Urubamba: once Was considered as the Paraíso Bíblico for the century's great naturalist León Pinelo's XVIII Antonio, Urubamba's city is nowadays one of the more beautiful cities of the Incas's Valle Sagrado.

Position: The capital of Urubamba's Provincia imply his same name and she is located to 57 km. to the urban northwest of the Cusco, for the manner to Chinchero. 2,875 Finds to them meters of height, on a beautiful plain in the valley that the central Cordillera separates of the Andes, of her Oriental; In her the river's straight margin Urubamba.

Urubamba's beautiful province finds its place to the northwest of the Cusco's province that he butts against The Convention's provinces, Elk to and Traces . Vilcanota Is lying across for the river, than to the depositing to this zone take Urubamba's name.

The Incas, as large people who who of the land, they elected this fertile valley to establish his principal towns, it is for this reason that Urubamba's province is composed of the districts where the incanato's architectonic monuments find the main things: Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Huayllabamba, Machupicchu, Marás and Yucay.

Urubamba was one of the main things agricultural centers of the Incas's Imperio. In town, outskirts to San Francisco's monumental church, they find the enormous Inca- platforms wall fronts than still Let's may admire. Also can observe me some walls prehispánicos, that they served as foundation and base in order to the constructions colonial.

Politically Urubamba's Provincia was brought into existence by decree governing of the June 21, 1,825, and 1,839 got ready that Urubamba's Villa soar to the Meritorious- City quality Of Urubamba when the República's president was the Mariscal cusqueño Don Augustín Gamarra in November . Besides, by law 14135 the June 18, 1,962, named Archeological province has belonged to The Perú in merit to its fabulous architectonic complexes.
Urubamba's valley is one of the more productive domestic, here best worldly corn is harvested and there are plenty of the own fruits of the valley, as peaches and frutillas first-rate in rains season.

This city has an insuperable climate all year round and it shows a hermosísimo landscape, with a bird's-eye view of the valley and Vilcanota's Cordillera's imposing snow-covered. A fantastic place Is for the tourism practice of adventure: Long walks, boating, high- mountain, interesting- walks biking on horseback.


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